Features For Best Camping Tents

A camping tent must possess some features to be used in every climate and all weather conditions for a long period of time. The right camping tent has a significant effect on your get-away. Imagine the weather goes hard and your camp flutters badly in it. How fearful this situation will be! So you must need tents that have the ability to face all kinds of weather settings. That's why we have composed a list of those attributes that a tent must possess in order to serve as a top choice for campers and backpackers.


The tents come in various types of materials. Some are made of low-quality materials that are designed for one or two times use. They are cheaper are undoubtedly risky to live in. On the other hand, many brands are making these with such stuff that is extensively durable and are of long-lasting nature. As these are destined to be used in all kinds of weather, they must be capable of resisting all atmospheric conditions.

For this purpose, the material commonly manipulated is polyester or nylon. Both of these are synthetic polymers and have extensive interlinking of various elements. This strong enmeshing of atoms makes these camping shuttles vastly substantial and stout. Oftentimes, these polymers are blended with a special organic compound called silicone. Silicone is a natural organic compound made of two common elements oxygen and silicon.

Silicone also has immense correspondent linkages between oxygen and silicon that will give a huge strength and stout to the substances composed of silicone or having traces of it. In this way, if nylon or polyester along with silicone is utilized to form tents, it will offer an extraordinary waterproofing potential to these tents.


The size of a camping tent depends upon your plan that how many people are going with you. The exclusive facility of these tents is that they come in various sizes for different families and companions. The door must have enough dimensions so that your camping equipment must be taken comfortably outside and inside.


These tents are going to comply with a cold environment that needs a fully insulated environment but if there is no space for air to come inside, suffocation inside the tent can cause big harm to you. So ventilation is necessary for total protection and safety. This characteristic is provided with a double layer of nylon or polyester. The air spaces between these two layers makes a room for the fresh air to get in.


The shape of a tent is basically of two types. One is round and the other is a dome shape. Both of these shapes are capable to oppose the airflow but in a changed manner. The round shape deflects the air in only one direction whereas the dome shape deflects it in all directions protecting the tent from falling especially when the wind is outrageous.


The weight of the tent has much importance in your journey. The greater is the weight, the more difficult is it to carry. So, a lightweight tent is of great benefit to you as it does not exert any extra burden on your backpacking vehicles and goods. Another advantage associated with this character is that light tents are easy to handle and set up. You don't have any kind of extra pressure of setting them in the company of such feathery tents. This is the attribute by which modern tents have gained fame and overcome all the markets becoming a trend, fashion and need of modern campers.