Why Drying Tent Is Necessary?

Drying the tent is necessary because if you pack the wet tent, it may produce molds or fungus. Molds are a special kind of fungus that grows on damp things and in wet areas. They grow rapidly if find a continuous supply of water without air. So if you store your wet tent in a bag right after ending up the trip, there are higher chances that it will be prone to these green molds. Volvox is another organism that is basically an alga and is capable to consume your tent's material.

Fungi are decomposers by nature and break away all the things into smaller pieces gradually. As tents are made of polyester or nylon along with the mixing of silicone, a naturally occurring organic polymer, they are biodegradable in their class. So, if fungi grow on these canopies for backpacking, it will surely destruct them leaving them incapable of camping for the next time and bringing a great loss of money to you. That is why it must be your foremost priority to parch them thoroughly for a long life span.

Methods to Dry the Tent

This moment comes very few times when you have to desiccate your tent on your own. But if this situation happens, it is sad to say that there is no such method that can help you to dry the tent rapidly without doing anything special. However, there are some ideas that can be executed to dry these tents before storing them. Place the tent in an open and sunny space with its fully unfolded structure. So that the water smokes out in the air leaving the dry tent. Moreover, wind also possesses the potential to take the water drops away with it. A room with a large and powerful electrical fan can do the same function as wind.

Dry Small Size Tents

If the size of the tent is much smaller, it may get dried by just hanging it over the rod in an airy room or under an open sky when there is bright sunshine. In this way, the heat of sunshine withered the water and enables it to be stored in a storage bag. For thoroughly drying, you have to hang it as high as possible from the ground so that the air can pass through all the parts of the tent and take the water vapors along with it.

 Dry Large Sized Tents

The problem arises with the large-sized tents. They cannot be hung on a rod because it is very troubling to dispatch their all parts and again assembling them after being getting dehydrated. Suppose if they can be gathered, there remain some issues that can make these tents leaking even if slight rainfall occurs. So, you must utilize those options that cannot harm your tent. The only option left is that you should wait for a bright and hot sunny day after completing your trip. On that day, you should take your tent to an open place and set it up as same as when you have done this while camping but without rainfly. Put the rainfly and remaining tent side by side. Flip them after every 90 minutes for better results.