How Anchor Trolly Works?

For the correct working of a kayak anchor trolly, you just need to install it properly. You must follow the following steps for perfection. Otherwise, you'll remain tossing in the water. This article will make you go through all the steps you need to fix the trolly easily.

Mark two points accurately 8 inches from the back and above the waterline. Make two eye holes so the nuts get fixed properly. Try to make small holes as a large one can cause them to pull out through the holes. Insert two hard nuts into the holes. Try to tighten the nut well because tight nuts are better than a loose ones. If the hole was smaller, try to get it wide slightly so find a perfect and waterproof fixing.

Put the handle over the holes and place the bolts through the pad holes and then into the nuts. Slightly turn them around until you feel the strong holding of bolts. Repeat the same step at the front side with the same distance from the corner. When you get the confirmation of tight grip, it'll be your first success.

Now, it's time to proceed further. Find a pulley along with a heavy-weight object. What'll be the weight depends upon the weather and nature of the water body. Take a shock cord and bind it tightly with the handle. Then take a rigid string or rope and turn it around over the pulley. Now your job is done and you can enjoy kayaking with fishing safely.

The working of a kayak is not very difficult. Usually, when you put your anchor in the water, the wind or air tends to move in the opposite direction. Without this trolley, your boat will remain tossing freely. In this way, you cannot complete your fishing process. When an anchor trolly holds your boat, there will be very little chance that you get unstable in the water. When the water current is heavy, your boat will rotate extremely slightly.


The installed trolley helps to maintain your balance and can give a better possibility for capturing fishes and enjoying nature. When there is high wind current and water waves are going outrageous, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain your stability in such enormous conditions. It is actually a way to stay in one place without much daunting.

If the weather is unpleasant and the water currents and very heavy, you should use a heavyweight. Do not worry about its pulling up to the boat as the pulley allows you to catch it when your job is done. Moreover, the anchoring will not let you stick at a fixed position. You can move and get the right position for doing your enjoyment.

The biggest benefit of the kayak anchor trolley is that you will be protected no matter how much is the air blowing or how fast is the water running. Also, it will not allow you to go to risky positions. Stability has major importance while kayaking as well as fishing. That's why anchor trolleys are considered for providing the best adjustment when in the water.