Why Inflatable Kayaks are Safe Over Ocean?

There are many kinds of kayaks in which the two famous ones are inflatable kayaks and hard-shell kayaks. Hard-shell or plastic kayaks are ancient modes of surfing. They are a protected way to make some fun on different water shores especially on seas. But there are some great disadvantages associated with them. The main ones are easily crackable body, high weight, and difficult transportation.

On the other hand, inflatable kayaks have dominated the market with their desirable features and high-quality durable body. Owing to these qualities, the era of plastic kayak is diminished. Moreover, these kayaks are so balanced that they can overcome all the risks involved in ocean kayaking. Some of the top attributes that cause them to be used over the sea surface are described below.


Inflatable kayaks are extremely light in weight. In this way, they are very easy to carry to another place. The largest benefit is that they can be easily paddled on the water waves and the surfing will become much simpler. Thus providing a bulk of fun and entertainment. When the kayak jumps in the air due to a high wave, the scene will be worth seeing. This aspect can not be seen in plastic kayaks due to their heavy weight. 


Another interesting point related to inflatable kayaks is their stability. The wider dimensions and broad bottom help to maintain firmness while doing dangerous stunts over the ocean surface. So helps in controlling your fear factor of drowning. The spacious body also helps to store some safety instruments.

Easy Launching

As inflatable kayaks are not heavy, they can be launched at any seashore very precisely without facing any hurdle. You can sit inside it and ask someone to pull it into the ocean so that, you can start your journey.


One of the mighty factors that make these inflatable kayaks superior to all other kinds of boats is that they can be ported to any place. There is a noticeable point that all the qualities of an inflatable kayak are attached to the weight factor. The same is with the porting property of an inflatable kayak. Along with this, the deflation reduces the size of the kayak to a great extent. Thus it can be packed in an ordinary travel bag.


As all of us know very well that the water waves in the oceans are more stronger and powerful as compared to the waves produced in other water streams like rivers or lakes, etc. Hence a more durable body is needed that can withstand such a huge force of sea waves. Inflatable kayaks again serve best because of having a tough and rigid body. The main components are basically polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylons. Both of these are synthetic polymers that have an immense interlinking of fibers and gives them a huge strength to face the problems in water.

Safety Measures

Despite the extreme protection provided by inflatable kayaks, it is highly risky to kayak over oceans. There are many dangers that a kayak can turn over due to big waves and causing the drowning of people. Moreover, a kayak can be punctured by striking with a shore or with something very hard or having a pointed shape.

Thus you have to take some precautionary measures. You must need to carry a life jacket along with you. Not to stop on this, a repair kit might be helpful to fix minor problems like punctures without any kind of professional support. Inflatable kayaks, if get punctured, do not release the air rapidly or gets popped up. Instead, they give you enough time to reach near the bank and get your boat fixed.