Why Go Skiing?

Skiing is actually a kind of slipping on the snow. In old days, this activity was confined to the locals of mountainous areas and was done without any kind of caring and settlement. That's why many deaths occurred and people turned away from this game. Only the experts left for playing this energetic sport. As Science developed and safety gadgets were made, skiing again gained fame and soon it was included in the Olympics competition.

Skiing offers a unique feeling of freedom. The landscapes, the snow, the speed, and the adrenaline are such interesting events that are no doubt unforgettable. Learning skiing is not rocket science. With a perfect guide, you'll definitely learn all the basics and tactics. Keep on practicing by spending a short period of time daily gives you the confidence to balance yourself without any hesitation. To the last, there come the skis. That's the place where the problem begins.

10 Best Skis For Beginners

Whenever you are going to buy your first ever ski or are going to update your previous one, you must have to consider the points and factors mentioned above so that you can find the way of perfect skiing. Apart from your skills as a beginner, the best skis for beginners have a major role in polishing your abilities and helping you to lift up your morale.

It could be quite troubling to find the perfect product including the above mentioned features. So, huge research accompanying the mighty exploration of different market places. This enables us to collect the data of those skis that have dominated the world due to their inspiring nature and heavy-duty materials. Let's have a look at these products that'll eradicate your second thought and guide you to the finest option.

O'Brien Combo Water Skis

Brand O'Brien
Color Green
Binding Fits Adjustable

O'Brien Combo Skis are basically made for water skiing but their dramatic features have lifted them up so can be used on the mountains. The body is made of durable materials for preventing damage when on a learning journey or on a trip for fun. This durable ski is designed specifically for those people who know the basics of skiing but have no experience of going on snow or water for the fear of being fallen. The weight is small for comfortability and transportation.

For providing the best outcomes, the binding fits can be adjusted so to be used by US men of 4.5 to 13. The rear toe plate is padded so that your feet will not get hurt when you continue to carve for a long time. The turning radius is made very small. In this way, you will turn easily without any hurdle and trouble. The deep central tunnel has a function in providing you stability and optimizing the performance.

  • Padded toe plate
  • Thinner cuts
  • Deep tunnels
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Not for high hills

Lucky Bums Beginner Snow Skis

Brand Lucky Burns
Color Pink
Binding Flexible

Lucky Bums Beginner Snow Skis is planned for beginners especially little ones of age 4 years and under. The associated introductory set and poles make this Lucky Burns ski an ideal choice for them. For perfect use on snowy hills, the bottom scales are present. These scales also allow traction on snow for safety purposes. The body is composed of hard-bearing material and is capable to resist shocks for preventing damage. The weight is low. So can be carried from one place to another.

The tips are round and in this way can deflect the dispatched snow very effectively. Thus breaks the opposition provided by snow. That's why this ski is the foremost choice of every beginner. the flexible findings enable you to fit the heels perfectly and lift them up so as to accommodate any kind of snowshoes and boots of different sizes. The customer support is excellent is available 24/7 to report any bug and to know the solution. And this is the precise reason why this product is on this list.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Bottom sales
  • Improved traction
  • Lightweight
  • No metal edges

Airhead S-1400 Combo Skis

Brand Airhead
Length 65.5 Inches
Color Orange

In the start, this ski is also made basically for water. After that, innovation gradually comes and makes this product enable to be used over snow. Although snow skiing is more famous than water skiing because of risk-free adventure activities, water skiing also has a special flavor in it. Sea skiing has gone old and now it is the era of mountain skiing. That's the reason why Airhead is now making combo skis that can serve as a top selection for both places, i.e. hills and oceans.

The dimension of 65.5 inches long body and wide tip deflect the water and snow in such a way that no harms occur. The hourglass shape also helps to endure the opposite motion of snow and it also makes the starting trouble-free. The wide tips make advanced skiers jump and enjoy the snow and water waves flow. The body has a heavy-duty foam core construction that is reinforced with nylon fibers for more stability and fiberglass gives a compact dual-density building.

  • Hourglass shape
  • Dual density bindings
  • Foam core construction
  • Reinforced nylon fins
  • Superior stability
  • Slightly expensive

Rave Sports Skis

Brand Rave Sports
Color Blue/Black
Binding Adjustable
Length 65 inches

The secure and soft bindings are super flexible that can be adjusted to any size so to fit the number of people having different sizes. With a length of 65 inches (167 cm), this Rave Sports Water ski is ideal for being used on the sea as well as on snowy hills. The surface area has such an area that is intermediate between extreme narrow and extreme width. To provide a perfect skiing experience over both natural bodies.

The power needed to start the skiing is very low and also it takes much lesser energy to take it up from the water and snow. As the rear toe present on one ski, a skier can painlessly do skiing with both skis without any risk because of the extreme stability offer by this Rave Sport ski. This item also has the ability to resist the dragging force produced by water waves in deep oceans and snow on elevated heaps.

  • Beginners specialist
  • Rear toe hold
  • Easier starts
  • Stable
  • Large turning radius

Rossignol Skis W/Look Xpress

Brand Rossigonal
Size 63 inches
Color Fusion Brown

Rossignol skis are immensely hard-bearing due to the presence of a core made of wood. Thus making it strong and break-resistant. Another attribute provided by this poplar wood in its composition is that it enhances the power of this ski to oppose the Shattles, resistances, and jerks. The synthetic fibers along with the wood also ensure the tough and unbreakable nature of this W/Look ski.

The sidecuts or the dimension of the head, waist, and tail are located at 121/74/107. The cap-shaped front construction enables it to resist the snow dispatched while carving on the hills. Further, the air tip vas maintains the stability that is an essential requirement for every beginner and is a demand of every skier. In this way, this Rossigonal Xpress ski is a perfect pick for a slightly experienced beginner.

  • Air Tip Vas
  • Sidecuts
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Cap Construction
  • Fiber included body
  • Very expensive

AIRHEAD S-1300 Combo Skis

Brand Airhead
Color Black
Size 67 inches

With the brilliant length of 67 inches and the molded tips in the form of a rim makes these skis are the ultimate option for beginners. This combo water ski fits suitable for all people regardless of their experience and skill level. The tails are wide as suitable for beginners and in this way optimize the stability and performance of the ski that are the basic needs for each novice skier.

The tunnel-shaped bottom helps to keep the ski in control when on downhills. The body has a durable construction and is reinforced with fiberglass for nylon fins that allow easy and superfast tracking. The adjustable bindings help to fit the size of US 5-12. Hence the body is compact and provides the best skiing experience.

  • Tunnel Bottoms
  • Composite construction
  • Nylon fins
  • Molded rim front
  • Fits US sizes 5-12
  • Narrow waist

Odoland Beginner Snow Skis

Brand Odoland
Colors Multiple
Temperature resistant Upto -4 F

With the composition of high-quality PE material, Odoland Beginner Snow Ski is extremely durable and is so hard that it can tolerate the temperature up to negative four on Fahrenheit scale (-4). Due to its heavy-duty material, this ski can be used in extremely cold weather without getting any damage. The rounded tips ensure these skis to be the first choice for beginners. Coming to weight, it is very small and consequently, this ski will also be suitable for the kids of age 4 years or under this incredibly small space.

The snowflake poles are sufficient for providing safety and stability and resultantly are the first pick for starters to pick them and set themselves on their journey without any hesitation as there is no risk involved with this item. For smooth running without facing any extraordinary difficulty, the front end is a little lifted. In contrast with the flat design, the resistance can be minimized to a great extent. All the features involved in this ski make it the supreme and premium choice for a trainee.

  • Sturdy
  • Temperature resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low-Resistant design
  • Safe for Young Skiers
  • No metal edges

Hydroslide Grom Trainer Skis

Brand Hydro Slide
Color Navy Blue
Weight Resistance 85 lbs

Hydroslide Grom Trainer Skis are vastly stable due to the presence of tunnel-shaped bottom. Not only this has tunneled bottom but also they are doubled for ensuring such kind of stability never seen before. As the name represents, this ski is specified for the trainers who are struggling to create an example for the newcomers. So they might get the way to prepare themselves for this refreshing journey. For an extra bit of safety, a handle is available that provides a space to bind the rope with it.

The front side is molded in a round shape for providing a perfect surface to oppose the snow and ice coming on its way. The stabilizer bar also helps you to maintain stability even if the skiing is done at high speed. The weight is somewhat high as compared with the other skis. This feature, on one side, gives a little bit more steadiness whereas it also offers people to have fun with this stable ski. The maximum weight of the skier it can bear is about 85 lbs.

  • Dual tunnel bottom
  • Molded fins
  • Trainer rope
  • Have stabilizer bar
  • Stable
  • Heavyweight

RAVE Sports Trainer Skis

Brand Rave Sports
Size 54 inches
Binding Soft
Color Red/Black

The most versatile ski available on all the market places is the RAVE Sports Trainer Skis. The training bar that comes along with it makes this ski a prime pick for the probationers. This tool helps them to maintain their stability. Another good advantage associated with this trainer ski is that it can be removed when a skier has gained confidence. In this way, this product also serves him when he upgrades to some upper level instead of buying a new one. The weight-bearing capacity is tremendous and is about 80 to 125 pounds and consequently helps the teens in advancing their level and daring to shred the waves in no time.

The design is such that it has a center bottom channel that helps to keep balance while skiing. The bindings are adjustable so to provide a chance for more youth to come and enjoy a ride over this ski without any trouble. Moreover, the lighter adults can also enjoy skiing on this carving ski effortlessly. The easy packing ensures the youth to take them away in a compact form in which they are more manageable and transportable.

  • Easier learning
  • Stability
  • Removable training bars
  • Easily packable
  • Secure & comfortable
  • More weighty

Connelly Supersport Combo Ski

Brand CWB
Color Blue
Weight Resistance 135 lbs

Connelly Supersport Combo Ski has a brilliant area of 2 x 300 square inches that is best for any skier who is going to make his career and achieving his passion in this field. The binding can be adjusted so that it cannot be confined to a single person and can be used by any person in a group if learning the tactics at the same time. The maximum weight it can withstand should not be more than 135 lbs.

The body is made durable due to the nylon fins often filled with fibers of glass so to provide an excellent shock resisting ability. In this way, it could not be damaged when on the duty. The life span of this ski is increased greatly due to reinforced composites. That's the reason, this is also considered the top choice for newbies.

  • Slide-adjustable binding
  • Glass filled nylon fin
  • 2 x 300 sq inches size
  • Reinforced composite
  • Highly durable
  • Form large carves